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by Neil Pugmire

Performed: March 2001
at Portsmouth Arts Centre, Reginald Road, Southsea

This original piece was conceived in 1999 when the Church of England brought out a report on how parishes should deal with sex offenders in their congregations. It was written before the outcry over paedophiles in the community in the summer of 2000, but the Paulsgrove riots and other incidents simply confirmed the need to consider the issue in more depth.

Robert, a vicar with a less-than-perfect congregation, is confronted with a new member, Paul, who confesses to a sexual act with a child, but is determined to change. The play examines a variety of reactions, from a motherís hysterical over-protection of her children, the damaging spread of well-intentioned gossip and the dangers of over-spiritualising and offering forgiveness too quickly.

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