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The script is tight. Too tight, in fact. The play ran barely an hour-and-a-quarter and I left feeling somewhat cheated. But thatís not to deny the high quality of the writing.

If one has any qualms about the Christian nature of Top Cat Theatre Company, one soon realises they do not intend forcing their religious views on the audience. They merely told a story here.

And what a story. Paedophilia, so high-profile in this city of late, was put under the microscope by a talented cast.

Richard Hasnip as Paul was brilliant. He had an air of danger which mixed headily with an air of innocence, painting a brilliant picture of a tortured soul.

Good acting from the children too, as well as the ever-superb Jude Flangan, of whom we see too little on the local stage. But give us more of the script!

The Portsmouth News, 30 March 2001


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