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by Nigel Forde

Performed at St Judeís Church, Southsea, December 2011

Our most recent full-length production was the family Christmas play Angel at Large, which was staged over three nights at St Judes Church, Southsea. Almost 400 people saw it, and the production has raised around £860 towards future building development at the church.

It told the story of the first Christmas as a fun-filled comedy, with a map-eating camel, a spoilt King Herod and an angel who is given the biggest job ever dished out by Heavenís HQ. And at its heart was the best story we know - about the birth of a tiny baby who would change our world. For photos of the show, click here.

This was actually Top Catís first ever production back in 1996, and we dusted it off and gave it a 2011 makeover. It featured many of the elements from some of our more recent Christmas shows - dim-witted soldiers, magical wise men and the ever-popular Desmond the Camel. (pictured here)

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