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by Neil Pugmire

Performed: June 1998
at Portsmouth College, Tangier Road, Portsmouth

This futuristic children’s production portrayed the age-old battle between good and evil as a space-age war between the forces of the Big J and his hand-picked team of schoolchildren, and the evil Dr Lou Cypher and his henchmen. The gospel allegory reminds us how God wants each of us to play a part in that fight – even though he is taking a risk by having us involved.

The show had already been performed in episode form at a Scripture Union beach mission in North Wales in 1991, and in more than 20 schools around Portsmouth during the 1990s before our performance in 1998. It was then published as a holiday club/school assembly drama resource by the Bible Reading Fellowship in 2003.

The play is being staged again in episodes as part of Funday Sunday at St Jude’s Church, Southsea, starting on Sunday 29 June, 2014, from 10.30am. Click here for details.

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