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Our artistic director also works as a professional writer. Here’s some of his work:

by Neil Pugmire

50 Seasonal Sketches
, was published by Kingsway in September 2002 and has already sold 1,700 copies around the UK and abroad. It includes sketches for use in church services, youth clubs and evangelistic occasions throughout the Christian year. There is tried-and-tested material for use from Christmas to Easter, from Mothering Sunday to Remembrance Sunday. A separate section also contains mat
erial for family services, weddings, baptisms and youth groups.

According to the publishers: “Neil is an experienced sketch writer and this, his first published collection, will delight drama groups on the lookout for new material. The sharp wit, sense of irony, and poignancy of the dialogue will enable the biblical message to be communicated in a fresh and powerful way.”

You can order copies of the book direct from the publishers, Kingsway, here.

by Neil Pugmire with Sue Hodge

This resource for school assemblies and holiday clubs is based on the drama serial The Adventures of the J Team, which was performed by Top Cat Theatre Company in 1998. The script was published by the Bible Reading Fellowship in April 2003. The 10-episode futuristic sci-fi serial is an allegory of the Christian gospel, in which good fights against evil - and good triumphs in an unusual way. It parallels the story of a God who chooses to save us just when we least deserve it. Each episode comes jam-packed with games, crafts, songs, prayers and activities for use in school assemblies, lessons, holiday clubs or Sunday School.

For more details about this book and Top Cat Theatre Company’s performance of the script, click here.

by Neil Pugmire and Mark Rodel

Neil and co-author Mark Rodel were also commissioned by the Bible Reading Fellowship to produce a new book of family services. The Launchpad book includes drama, liturgy, original songs, activities and outlines of talks to help churches produce a uniquely child-centred worship experience. The serials include: God’s Heroes (the time-travelling adventures of Billy and Bertie), Living Together (four puppets work out what it means to live in community) and Jester’s Tales (Chester the Jester recounts life in the court of King David). It was published in January 2004. To buy a copy, click here.

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