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The Adventures of The J TeamTHE ADVENTURES OF THE J TEAM
by Neil Pugmire

Performed: June 1998 at Portsmouth College, Tangier Road, Portsmouth

This futuristic children’s production portrayed the age-old battle between good and evil as a space-age war between the forces of the Big J and his hand-picked team and the evil Dr Lou Cypher and his henchmen. The gospel allegory reminds us how God wants each of us to play a part in that fight – even though he is taking a risk by having us involved. And the gospel allegory ends with the Big J making the ultimate sacrifice to save his team from Dr Cypher, just when they least deserve it.

J-Team member Dudley (Neil Pugmire) is confronted by alien-wielding bad guy Crockford (Chris Richardson)

J-Team member Dudley is confronted by alien-wielding bad guy Crockford

The show had already been performed in episode form at a Scripture Union beach mission in North Wales, and in more than 20 schools around Portsmouth.

The script was published as a resource for holiday clubs and schools assemblies in 2003 by the Bible Reading Fellowship.

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